About Energy Auditing

Epsten Group’s Energy Auditing services identify potential energy saving opportunities and help building owners and facility managers document existing building conditions and processes. Energy Audit services can range from a simple, ASHRAE Level I Walk-Through to a more intensive ASHRAE Level II Detailed/General Audit. We can help you identify specific energy conservation measures (ECM’s) and estimate their annual energy savings. Energy Audits help your operations and maintenance staff to make informed decisions about potential capital upgrades. They can also help in diagnosing whether more extensive Retro-Commissioning efforts are warranted.

An ASHRAE Level I Walk-Through is a prerequisite of the LEED-EBOM Rating System. It’s an inexpensive way to identify obvious deficiencies with building energy systems and simple cost-saving energy optimization solutions.

An ASHRAE Level II Detailed/General Audit can also contribute to the achievement of credit points in the LEED-EBOM Rating System. It provides detailed reports documenting existing system conditions and processes, identifing energy conservation measures, and estimating the potential energy savings from facility upgrades.

As for Energy Star ratings, Energy Audit information can contribute to a facility’s efforts to benchmark energy performance in the Energy Star Portfolio Manager, by gathering necessary building energy performance information.

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